Dear Sponsor,
ESSENTIALS is a 501c3 non-profit women’s organization here in Palm Beach County. Our mission is to meet the diverse needs of women across all cultural and ethnic boundaries. Our Classes, Conferences, Concerts, and Retreats teach them Character Development & Life Skills to change from the inside out. We point them to their inner value and potential! Times are hard and women need to be Renewed, Refilled and Restored. We work with the discouraged, disenfranchised and disadvantaged to help them soar from mediocrity to excellence. Please help us to help them!

Sponsoring the Essentials Re-Align Your Life Women’s Conference is the best way to maximize your exposure! This is our ninth year and our theme is “Shades Of A Woman’s Reality.” Ordinary women overcoming extraordinary challenges. The Conference location is Palm
Beach Lakes High School Auditorium in West Palm Beach on September 15th. The conference has been held at great venues such as the Harriet Himmel Theater in City Place and the Palm Beach County Convention Center and enjoyed by over 2400 women. We are motivated to help women discover who they can become! They have untapped potential and we want to point them in the direction of possibilities! With your help, we can achieve this. Your support will help the women in our community reach their dreams.

Our priority is to work with your company or organization to create a package that fits your needs and goals while ensuring the best use of your financial contribution to further the success of Essentials. We are committed to acknowledging your sponsorship on our program banner, on our website, and throughout the conference. We would like you to have visibility at our empowerment conference.
The sponsorship options are very diverse and provide great benefits to you, including VIP passes, exhibit booths, live presentations, advertisement, and hotel. We need $25,500, of which we hope you will be a contributing factor. Our needs are broken down on the
sponsorship page. We thank you in advance for your consideration and we are grateful for any donations you can give to help our organization. If you have any inquiries regarding our organization or the conference, please feel free to contact me at (561)723-7766 or visit www.EssentialsWoman.Org . Please help us change a woman’s life!

Thank You,
Hattie R. Asberry, CEO

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